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Shawn is a business consultant specializing in team effectiveness and engagement.

With over 25 years of business experience, Shawn is blending “real world” experience with current research and trends in leadership and team collaboration and effectiveness. 

Shawn is a Gallup-certified Strengths Coach with additional training in their Builder Profile 10 (“BP10”) assessment. Shawn also has certification with AIIR Consulting in Philadelphia, a leading consulting firm in the area of team collaboration.

Shawn helps develop high-performing teams by addressing three areas: 1) productivity, 2) culture, and 3) leadership development. By addressing all three areas, employee engagement and team engagement are significantly increased. Shawn’s clients have said that “He helped me to focus on each individual and helped me to pull out who they were, so they could feel like they were more part of a team and that they could also be a contributor and be appreciated." And “This has helped me identify my own individuality and my value to those around me and how I can be a support and a blessing to them.”

Shawn is host of the Team Engagement podcast where he has interviewed over 200 CEOs and business leaders all around the world. His commitment to improving the workplace environment and relationships is a driving force in his work.

Fun Fact

Shawn is a big fan of the James Bond genre.


Baseball, football, juggling, movies, networking.