Robbie Chidester - Finance

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Best way to describe what my company does, is to ask yourself these three questions:


1-Do I have a business concept or enterprise that I know would grow rapidly if I had more cash?

2-Do I understand and track how my business makes a profit and generates cash? Do I know what my cash needs are? Do I have funding for those needs?

3-Do I have a business process that is broken? We just can't seem to get it right?

My group solves all of these challenges!!!

> 1-We've placed over $415M in growth funding.

> 2-We've implemented 50+ insightful & robust reporting & dashboard solutions - leveraging systems QuickBooks to GP Dynamics - telling businesses exactly how and where they are generating (and using) cash flow!

> 3-We've helped 50+ emerging businesses get funding, launch & grow successfully - with sound, scalable & efficient busiess processes that drive significant value.

I personally have 20+ years leadership in financial management and acceleration of cash flow, for entities ranging in annual revenue from startup to over $200M. I'm a licensed CPA with Big Four experience. I have a well established track record of value added accomplishments, both as a full time executive and strategic, outsourced CFO consultant.

Fun Fact

I originally majored in fine arts in college


Golf, fly fishing, Harley Davidson's, fitness & constant learning.


Honors BA Degree - University of Utah