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Rich Tyson is a consultant and executive coach to CEOs. His personal mission is to learn true leadership and business principles, to teach those principles to others, and to facilitate the implementation of those principles in his own life and business--and in the lives and businesses of others. His focus is on business strategy, team-building, problem-solving, and managing for results—including the enhancement of productivity, employee engagement, and financial outcomes.

Rich is the founder and principal owner of CEObuilder, which provides forums for consulting and coaching to executives in small businesses. He has built CEObuilder around the distinctive competencies of exceptional facilitation, life-long learning, synergistic associations, and mutual commitment. Over the past 30 years, CEObuilder has served over 100 companies in many different industries.

Rich has served on the faculty at the University of Phoenix and has taught MBA and undergraduate business courses at a number of colleges and universities. He has also served on staff for a number of high adventure outdoor training courses. He is a graduate of the Harvard Business School, having earned an MBA in 1977.

Fun Fact

I am a baseball-junkie! I have loved the game all my life--and it was killing me to think it wouldn't be played in this year of the coronavirus! I'm grateful that it actually happened, even in a shortened format... At the risk of offending those who love the Yankees, I have to admit being a lifelong Boston Red Sox fan. Perhaps it will help you New York fans to know that one of my favorite players was Yogi Berra. Just wish he had played for the Bosox!


I love to read, and I love to hike! My wife says that I have never found a book I didn't want to read, nor a trail that I didn't want to walk. One of my highest aspirations is to infect my children and grandchildren with a love of books and of nature!


Harvard MBA, 1977