Kevin Denning - Executive Coaching and Technology

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I love to learn new things, try new things, and make everything better. In various leadership roles, I have worked to help people do their absolute best. I like to look for ways to continuously improve everything. Faster, less expensive, easier, these are the things that drive me.  I enjoy teaching and creating.

People are our number one asset. I like to challenge them and help them see what they are capable of. I like to see teams that work synergistically together. I like to eliminate waste in all areas of our lives. I like to work hard and play hard and have fun doing it all. 

I have a knack for technology and how to use it to make life better. At CEObuilder I work to find new and better ways to share the truth about business principles that work and find the best ways to implement them. When everyone in the business looks forward to coming to work, great things happen.

Fun Fact

When I'm not working with businesses and technology I run a 6000+ tree cherry orchard.


 I love to fly and am currently building an airplane. I also like to travel with my wife and explore this big beautiful world.


MBA-TM Masters of Business in Technology Management from UOP