Andrea Luoma - NeuroLeadership, Communication Consultant and Coach

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Dr. Andrea Luoma is a NeuroLeadership and communication consultant, executive coach, organizational rejuvenator, speaker, facilitator, and trainer. She helps leaders, teams and organizations alter communication patterns and enhance trust. She teaches the impact and consequences in that with every interaction – conscious, verbal and intentional or not - you pull others to you or push them away.

Dr. Andrea has an astute ability to get clients to think in different ways to attain breakthrough moments and develop their own solutions. She bridges the leader’s impact on the organization, and it impact back on the individual. Contemporary affective neuroscience and Brain Network Theory research continually update her work, providing tools for understanding what is happening in the brain and body during conversation. Beyond the limitations of skill building, clients learn to interrupt habitual behaviors and unconscious beliefs, identify language and strategies that work for them, bring awareness to the emotional factor(s) driving decisions (consciously realized or not), and connect intention to impact.

Areas of expertise include: communication for greater efficiency, effectiveness, productivity and results; leadership development, leader readiness and succession; relationships that drive the bottom line; intentional organizational culture; team cohesion and effectiveness; altering employee engagement into cultures of trust; internal and external self-awareness; cross-cultural management and team development; and navigating and synergizing the generations in the workplace.

Dr. Andrea has a PhD in Leadership, a master’s in Communication from Washington State University, is a certified NeuroCoach©, certified in Conversational Intelligence© and Appreciation Languages in the Workplace©, and a member of the Forbes Coaches Counsel. Instructional vocal training assists her in coaching on vibrational resonance of the speaking voice for conversational impact.

She has worked and lived in Cape Town, Nairobi, Sydney and Tokyo. Her clients span the U.S., Europe, Australia, Asia and South America, giving her an intimate geographic and cultural understanding and providing her resonating connection.

Dr. Andrea continues to teach in Executive MBA and Executive Education programs.

Fun Fact

I’ve come face-to-face with an elephant, swam with a whale shark, and went cage diving with Great White Sharks. 


Downhill skiing, Rugby 7’s (watching not playing), hiking.


PhD Leadership and MA Communication from Washington State University