The CEObuilder Coaching Process


We Begin With the End in Mind

All CEObuilder coaching starts with the question: “What are your desired outcomes, first as a leader, and second, as an organization?” While it may seem that the answers to these two perspectives are the same, inevitably they are not. We recognize that even with founders/owners they have lives beyond their businesses—and goals that include family and other interests. The business is almost always an integral part of their personal goals, but seldom does it constitute 100% of a CEO’s desired outcomes. For our coaches, it is imperative that we learn early on what each client wants to accomplish in both their business and personal life.

With clarity as to desired outcomes, our coaches help facilitate client thinking and strategy development to accomplish those goals. We challenge current strategies by asking insightful questions regarding the linkage between actions and outcomes, as well as the business model and organization structure that will best drive those results. We strive to help each client identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and develop the systems that will generate those metrics. Further, we help our clients identify the resources necessary to optimize KPIs including the jobs required, and the people to fill those positions.

As business strategies unfold, it is inevitable that problems will emerge. Our coaches are trained in the use of a variety of problem-solving tools whereby they help clients to zero in on root causes and, with their teams, create innovative solutions. Among those are practical “lean management” tools that help our clients eliminate wasteful practices and processes that cost them money.

CEObuilder provides our coaches with access to a vast array of educational and professional resources. This allows them the confidence to work with our clients on virtually any business challenge they may face, knowing that expert help is nearly always no more than a phone call away.

CEObuilder coaching begins with the end in mind—and is dedicated to the achievement of those ends. Ultimately, the key for any C-level executive is execution, actually managing for—and achieving results. Our coaches recognize this, and are “gently relentless” in helping our clients do just that!