Seminars & Workshops: Current Offerings

Any of the following seminars or workshops can be delivered on-site at client company venues or in a variety of retreat settings. Often, these off-site environments enhance the value and memorability of the training experience. We are happy to suggest such venues in our seminar and workshop proposals.

The CEO’s Critical Role: Facilitation of Strategic Process

The role of CEO is unique. Its inherent power tempts one’s ego toward a dangerous, flawed conclusion that “I am the best and the brightest.” If not managed, this tendency isolates the CEO, and denies him or her of the collective intelligence and creativity of their team. This workshop focuses on the importance of understanding that “all of us are smarter than any of us, the CEO included. It provides CEOs with guidelines on how to make facilitation one of their strongest attributes, with specific modelling regarding strategic process.

Be Our Guest: Perfecting the Art of Customer Service

Using proven principles that have been successfully applied by the Disney Corporation, the Cleveland Clinic, and Zappos, participants learn how to provide the “magic” of great customer service.

“…think about a magic show. To the audience, the show elicits feelings of wonder and surprise. Most of those watching have no idea how the magician is creating the effects they are witnessing on stage. Not knowing how an illusion is created and simply enjoying the show are a big part of the fun.

The magician’s perspective is completely different. To the magician, the show is a highly practical process made up of a series of meticulously planned, well-rehearsed steps that are designed to delight the audience.” From “Be Our Guest,” page 6.

This engaging seminar provides participants with valuable insights for enhancing their own customer service strategies.

CHAOS: A Model for Effective Crisis Management

This workshop focuses on the prospect of periodic major problems. Since every leader will face such crises, it is critical that each has an effective model with which to guide their actions and behaviors. The CHAOS Model sets forth a series of steps that each leader should consider in taking the leadership role in troubled times, focusing on the development of the Six Cs of Crisis Leadership: Calmness, Consideration, Circumspection, Conscience, Courage, and Confidence. A series of case studies will used to engage participants in the use of the CHAOS Model and its underlying principles.

Closing the Knowing-Doing Gap

This seminar focuses on closing the gap between knowing what to do—and actually executing those strategies. Through a variety of highly engaging activities, participants will learn the critical importance of commitment and competency, as well as clarity and fulfillment of essential and sustaining actions. These keys constitute the essential elements for successful execution.

Demystifying Key Financial & Accounting Concepts for Key Executives: Why it is CRITICAL that All Executives (and Employees) Understand Business Finance!

This workshop stresses the importance of the Open Book approach to corporate financial management in creating high team engagement and success. It will also discuss the need for each key executive to understand the company’s “financial profile”: what it is, who is watching, and how each executive may impact that profile. The Balance Sheet and Income Statement, along with key ratios used by the financial community will also be discussed, using an entertaining and highly engaging experience in the use of double-entry accounting. Common misconceptions regarding the income statement and margin accounting—and how those can result in bad decisions—are also discussed. Participants will leave with an understanding of the criticality of cash management, including the Cash Conversion Cycle, and how it applies to their company.

Four Essential Dimensions of Leadership: Strategizing, Team-Building, Problem-Solving, and Managing for Results

This seminar is directed to C-level executives and addresses practical leadership processes in directing each of the four dimensions. Participants will be able to assess their own strengths and weaknesses in each dimension. They will each leave with several significant high-leverage commitments to strengthen their own leadership in each area.

The Learning/Facilitative Role of a Leader

Two critical counterfeits often plague leaders: (1) the tendency to believe that they have arrived, and therefore no longer require an organized program of learning and personal development, and (2) the belief that they are the “smartest kid in the class.” These counterfeits, if not recognized and reversed, are career killers. This workshop helps participants to design and commit to a personalized program of training and development tailored to how they learn. Further, it provides them with guidelines on how to learn from others through facilitation training.

Managing for Results: From “Why” to Commitment & Execution

Every venture should begin with its “why,” its purpose for being. This workshop is designed to work with C-level executive teams to clarify the why for their organization, as well as the business model whereby that purpose is accomplished. From this business model, key strategies will be identified and prioritized. Taking the highest priority strategy, the CEObuilder facilitator will guide the team to the development of the essential and sustaining actions required to execute that strategy. Finally, the team will be led to fully understand both the benefits—and attendant costs—of execution, and will commit to moving forward.

Team-Building: Pulling Together a Team That Delivers Results

One of CEObuilder’s most popular workshops, this program combines the tenets underlying our PACER™ Training Model with our PACER™ Team-Building Model. Fundamental principles of building a strong team are taught in a group setting, prior to launching into the application of those principles in any of a variety of extraordinary outdoor locations. Participants experience unforgettable, often life-changing, activities as they work together to solve problems and achieve team unity. The workshop concludes with a review of what was learned—and how these take-aways will be applied back at work.

Team-Building: Pulling Together a Team That Delivers Results

This workshop focuses on the process used by IDEO to create one of the most successful, innovative corporate cultures in the world. It stresses Ideation (the process by which new creative ideas emerge), Inspiration (the process whereby great ideas are expanded and developed into actionable strategies), and Implementation (the process of executing those strategies). These fundamental principles will provide participants with the ability to build creative excitement and energy in their own organizations.


  • The PACER™ Action Model: A Construct for Execution
  • The PACER™ Problem-Solving Model: A Facilitative Approach to Problem Resolution
  • The PACER™ Recruitment Model: Avoiding the Extraordinary Cost of a Bad Hire
  • The PACER™ Selling System: A Process for Managing Big Ticket Sales
  • The PACER™ Team-Building Model: Key Principles for Building a Strong Team Culture
  • The PACER™ Training Model: Proven Principles for the Creation of a Highly Effective Corporate Training Program