7 Questions Every CEO Must Answer

Question 1:

Where do I turn for objective input on my most critical business decisions?

“For over twenty years, I—and my predecessor—have consistently turned to our CEObuilder coach and the other company CEOs in my CEObuilder group for objective advice. They are intensely interested in my issues – and are honest and straight-forward in their counsel. Their input has been worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to me.”

– Kevin Denning, CEO, Cirris Systems


“From financing alternatives, to strategic planning, to hiring and recruitment issues – I have relied on my CEO Forum. A group of a dozen bright, articulate CEOs is an incredible resource.”

– Adam Ludvigson, CEO, Paul M. Wolff Company

Question 2:

How do I assure my personal growth, development, and education as a CEO?


“My best resource for learning – in both business disciplines and leadership skills – is CEObuilder. They are focused on the needs of CEOs, with a heavy emphasis ‘learning in the moment of need’.” What this means is that they zero in on what I need right now, rather than a lot of extraneous material that doesn’t really matter.”

– Wendy Bangerter, CEO, XCL Sports


“After completing my MBA, I found that my practical executive education became significantly constrained. Since joining CEObuilder, I have enjoyed continuous learning which I have applied to the challenges I face in my responsibilities.”


– Jared Eggett, Ensign Group International

Question 3:

Where do I go for a listening ear, mentoring and coaching?

“My coach has provided a sounding board for the tough issues I face. He consistently asks incisive questions that challenge us to make outstanding decisions. He is my most trusted source of support and creative input. I am impressed with his consistent commitment to each CEObuilder member in bringing about their desired business outcomes.”

 Brent Crabtree, CEO, ConnectShare


“My coach has made me better both personally and professionally. He asks the tough questions that need to be addressed in order to discover areas of improvement. His mix of education, experience and mentoring is a powerful combination and extremely valuable for anyone in a leadership position. I would highly recommend him in any situation and greatly value the way in which he has made me a better all-around person.”


 – Cody Broderick, CEO, InWhatLanguage

Question 4:

How do I assure that my learning experiences go beyond theory into practice?

“My CEO coach is a seasoned business executive, having served in C-level positions in a number of successful businesses. His experience and education are exceptional, and he stays on the ‘bleeding edge’ of business literature. He is incredibly capable in facilitating practical application of business best practices.”

– Steve VanBibber, CEO, Precision Assembly


“As a CEO, it’s easy to delude yourself into thinking that you have all the answers. You don’t. CEObuilder provides an outstanding forum for learning practical leadership and business skills.”

– James Elwell, CEO, Equine Health Sciences, LLC

Question 5:

How do I get an unbiased review of my plans and strategic direction?


“Since joining CEObuilder in 2000, my coach and fellow members have provided critical input in leading my company–as well as invaluable counsel regarding growth strategies, product line expansions, and strategic alliances.”

– Russ Margetts, CEO, Lynrus Aluminum

Question 6:

What provisions am I making for perpetuation of my business beyond myself?


“Although CEObuilder focuses on company presidents, they are true to their name: they not only help current CEOs succeed; they are also a positive influence in developing the next generation of C-level executives. Beyond succession planning, they are highly experienced in dealing with the challenges of business transitions through mergers, acquisitions, or being acquired.”

– Mike Ellsworth, CEO, Alpine Supply

Question 7:

Is CEO for me?

“I understand that CEObuilder is not for every CEO. However, if you have a high need to maintain and improve your knowledge base and leadership skill set, I highly recommend CEObuilder as a valuable tool to improve your ability as a CEO. Candidly, being an effective CEO is hard work that requires constant updates to maintain cutting edge aptitude. CEObuilder provides those updates.”

– Rich Marker, CEO
 All Metals Fabrication 


“If you want to succeed, if you want to help your business grow, then you must continually invest in yourself. CEObuilder is among the very best investments I’ve made in my personal development.”

– Dave Miller, CEO, CDR Homes